Tips when enquiring about hiring a bouncy castle

Q1. Is the inflatable suitable for your size of garden and is it suitable for for kids/adults using it?
A. We have small castles, as well as large castles and a Mega Assault course.
Q2. Does the castles have a current PIPA tag or RPII test(this is an annual test to make sure the castle is safe to use)
A. All of our castles have current PIPA tags
Q3. How old is the castle you would like to hire? If it is more than 5 years old, it might have had damage at some point, so make sure it has an up to date PIPA tag or RPII test.
A. The oldest stock we have is less than 18 months old, all of our stock is bought from the to manufacturers in the UK.
Q4. Does the price include everything or will I have to pay any other charges?
A. The price on our website includes everything(additional charge for hires with no power supply), no additional charges or delivery charges to areas listed on our website.
Q5. What are the drop off and pick up times?
A. We drop off between 7-11am and collect between 5-9pm. We will call you the night before the hire to give a more accurate drop off and pick up time.
Q6. Do you charge if we cancel due bad weather?
A. We have a no charge cancellation policy, so if the weather is bad and you want to cancel, just let us know.

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